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Father Gilbert Mysteries - Set One

A Soul in Torment
Where the Heart Is
Dead Air

"You're more like a cop than a priest..."

Some years ago, Louis Gilbert left the police force and joined the priesthood. He thought being the vicar of St. Markís Church in a small English village would lead to a slower, more quaint life. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Father Gilbert finds himself at the center of one strange mystery after another. Only now, his "just the facts" police training is helped along by his new spiritual intuition.

He's heard lots of confessions in his lifeó-both as a detective and now as an Anglican priest. But why would a young man come to Father Gilbert, confess a murder, then disappear? When the local authorities turn up nothing suspicious, the vicar wonders if he dreamed up this person, this man who he felt was A Soul in Torment.

The second mystery, entitled Where the Heart Is, centers around a 16th century artifact covered with gems and reputed to have miraculous powers. Supposedly it's hidden in the church Father Gilbert shepherds, and he suspects the American "antiques dealer" when there's a break-in...

In Dead Air, Father Gilbert is thrown into a case uncannily similar to the very case that had caused him to turn in his detective's badge years before. It had led to the suicide of a young girl. Or was it murder, as Gilbert had always suspected? Now a taunting voice mocks him via telephone, telling him that he will fail again and another girl will die.

Remarkable storytelling with an endearing cast of characters makes the Father Gilbert Mysteries a four star choice in audio movie entertainment.

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