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The Fifth Book in the Chronicles of Narnia

The picture of the ship must have been enchanted, because while the three children were looking at it, they could actually feel the sea breeze on their faces, smell the ocean, and find themselves ducking waves. Suddenly, Lucy and Edmund — along with their unruly cousin Eustace — are pulled into the picture. . .and into the fantastic world of Narnia!

Now aboard the gallant ship Dawn Treader, they travel with young King Caspian to find seven missing noblemen. Their voyage will take them to the waters of a gigantic sea serpent, to a land of impenetrable darkness where nightmares come true and to the very edges of Aslan's country.

But what will the Dawn Treader’s crew do when one of their own is turned into a fire-breathing dragon? And what will happen when they reach the fabled "end of the world"?

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