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The Sixth Book in the Chronicles of Narnia

In the fabulous land of Narnia, created and guarded by the great Lion Aslan, ordinary children do extraordinary things. Eustace and Jill never imagined that escaping from a gang of school bullies could lead them to Narnia—and an encounter with the Great Lion Aslan himself.

Eustace and Jill's sudden arrival in Narnia is no accident. When Aslan sends them to search for the long-lost Prince Rillian, the two children begin an amazing journey of adventure and danger.

Along the way, Eustace and Jill are joined on their daunting mission by a tall, weedy "marshwiggle" named Puddleglum whose pessimism is matched only by his courage. As the three follow the "signs" provided by Aslan, they must face a land of giants, a beautiful but mysterious Green Lady who may be the key to their quest and, eventually, an evil enchantment that is more powerful than anyone ever imagined.

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