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The Fourth Book in the Chronicles of Narnia

Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy are suddenly transported from an English train station to an island in the world of Narnia. Why they've been shifted so dramatically isn't made clear at first, but they soon learn they're to play an important role in the battle between a young Prince who is heir to the Narnian throne and his devious Uncle who has usurped it.

With the help of Trumpkin the Dwarf and many other memorable characters, the four children rush to the aid of Prince Caspian and learn a great deal about faith along the way.

It's interesting to note that the original title of Prince Caspian was Drawn Into Narnia. Lewis wanted the reader to get the idea of being pulled into another world. He had observed that in so many fantasy stories, it seemed as if characters were summoned by magic - and the stories were told from the point of view of the magician, or the one who had done the summoning.

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