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The birth of the Left Behind Dramatic Audio Series took place during the summer of '98 when auditions were held for a "Cutting Edge Radio" series. Over 140 actors applied to be a part of the auditions, of which 60 were selected. From that 60, and a long list of previous contacts in the city, the eventual 58 involved in the first book were chosen. (To meet some of the actors - click here)
The recording sessions take place in the Wheaton, IL studios of GAP Digital. All the voices, no matter where they may sound like they are, are recorded in the studio.
The voice tracks are then edited for time and content, and sent down the hall to "composition."
Our composer, Steve Wick, receives "cue calls" from the director as to where to compose and the tone of the music. From there, he takes over and does his magic.

Meanwhile, Glen West is buried away creating the sounds that accompany the voices. GAP Digital has over 76,000 sound effects recorded on hard drives, that are instantly available. In addition to the pre-recorded effects, Foley, or the process of creating the sounds associated with human movement (footsteps, eating, reading a paper) are recorded in the studio. Finally, field recordings take place to gather car sounds, bus crashes, airports, etc.

Once the sounds are collected, edited, and placed, the mix begins. Steve's music is mixed against the effects and voice track. Also during the mix, each scene's ambiance is added. These are the subtle reverberation changes that tell your ears the characters just went from a small room to a large room, or that the phone that just rang is down the hall.

The mix is automated so that after everything is wrestled into its sonic place, we just stand back, watch the faders dance up and down, and see if the scene works. As soon as we're convinced it does, it's sent off to you, with the hope that you enjoy it.

  • Directed and Produced: Todd Busteed
  • Sound Design: Glen West & Todd Busteed
  • Adaptation: Chris Fabry and Todd Busteed
  • Original Music: Steve Wick
  • Dramatic Audio Series Theme
        - Trumpet: David Gauger
        - Guitar: Rex Carroll
  • Recording Engineers: Glen West, James Kent, Craig Coats
  • Assistant Engineers: Ryan Strandt, Craig Coats, Pete Flitton, Matt Kingsley, James Kent
  • Additional Recording: Joe Carlson, Steve Wick
  • Session Coordinators: Julie Busteed, Melissa Blue, MaryKatherine Jauchen
  • Announcer: Frank Leslie

    The producer would like to thank:
  • Each actor who has come in and worked so hard at making the series come alive.
  • The thousands of listeners who have spread the word as to what Dramatic Audio is.
  • Julie Busteed, for love and patience
  • Jerry Jenkins & Tim LaHaye, for a compelling book series
  • Dan Balow, for being the perfect "point guy"
  • Rick Christian, for making it happen
  • Ron Beers, for being a book publisher willing to do audio